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8 out 10 cannabis and hemp operators can add 20-30% to their margin via data-driven decision-making

Expertise + Analytics + AI


We are a team of supply and retail operators who combine expertise, data analytics, and the most advanced AI supply chain and retail software in the world – under one roof. 

CASA is the leading advanced technology and services agency solving operational inefficiencies and data challenges for retailers and operators.

Our Purpose: Maximizing our client’s profitability via efficiencies


One of a Kind Partnerships

9 Operator Must Do’s – Our Expertise

Automate All Manual Retail Reporting in a Custom Portal
Forecast Sales and Budgets with 97% Accuracy Every Month
Measure How Profitable You Are Vs How Profitable You Could Be
Measure and Analyze ALL of Your Data to Make Data-Driven Decisions
Eliminate Over Purchasing and Stock-Outs
Location, Category, Sub-Category, Vendor, and Product Level Data-Driven Recommendations
Forecast, Model, and Measure Every Promotion and Discount
Have the Right Inventory, In the Right Place, at the Right Time
Know Your Customers Through Zip Code Mapping and Trait Analysis

Increase Profitability Through Data-Driven Decision Making

What We Do

Gold Standard Inventory Management

Is This You?

  • $"Bottom-Up" Demand Planning Tools
  • $Precise Inventory and Reorder Planning
  • $Inventory Budget Planning by Category
  • $Analyzing ALL Brand & Product Sales Data
  • $Know How Discounts Impact Your Business

Ready for support?

CASA integrates with and empowers your employees

CASA plugs into your existing team dynamics, whether you have a General Manager, AGM, Inventory Manager or Dir of Ops handling purchasing and inventory

Before CASA
  • MStocking out and overstocking products
  • MTeam is overwhelmed, purchasing is reactive
  • MUsing software or data sources that are not accurate
  • MInefficient vendor relations
  • MStacking discounts and losing margin
After CASA
  • NStock-outs reduced by 80-90% improving cashflow and profitability
  • NPurchasing is data-driven, planned, precise, and proactive
  • NCASA's reporting suite and AI technology are best in the world
  • NMaximize your gross margin down to the penny
  • NUse promotions to drive higher revenues, new customers, and bigger basket size