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Increase Your Revenue

CASA optimizes
dispensary revenue.

Optimize Every Single Dollar.

We are a national team of top former purchasing managers and retail analysts from local and major cannabis operators, now here to work with your team. Our model is designed to cost far less than hiring a full-time employee with the same skillsets.

We have operated the top dispensaries across the US, made the mistakes, and had the successes, and are now entirely focused on helping you to manage procurement and inventory, assess your competitors, clean up your data, and optimize your revenue.

CASA National Partners
CASA National Partners

9 Dispensary Must Do’s – We Got you

Eliminate Stock-Outs
The Best Selling Menus Based On Market Intelligence + Experience
Extensive Retail Data Analysis To Optimize Every Dollar
MSO Level Pricing And Discounts From Our Vendor Partners
Eliminate Over Purchasing
Regular Market Comparison Analysis
Profitable Promotional Strategies
Retail Inventory Optimization And Data Analysis
Competitor Menu/Promo/Retail Strategy Analysis

Would You Like The Purchasing Power Of An MSO?

What We Do

Data Analysis &
Situational Expertise

The most successful purchasing depts have:

In-Depth Daily/Weekly/Monthly Data Analysis
No stock-outs
no overstocking of products
Best Wholesale Pricing From Vendors
Optimized Menu with current Local Best Sellers
strategic and profitable promotions

Ready for Change?

cASA integrates with your existing team

CASA plugs into your existing team dynamics, whether you have a General Manager, AGM, Inventory Manager or Dir of Ops handling purchasing and inventory

Before CASA
competitors are outselling you - they have a better menu or lower pricing
team is overwhelmed, wearing 3 hats, purchasing is reactive and not proactive
on-hand inventory quantities don't match sell-through rates
Not using your data from your POS, Headset, etc, to maximize revenue and margins
Stocking Out and Overstocking Products
Lack of effective promotions and consumer engagement
Paying too much for your products - ineffective or nonexistent vendor negotiations
Wasted vault space and budget on non-moving product
After CASA
Know exactly how your retailer compares in pricing and menu to your competitors
purchasing and inventory analysis are given the proper amount of focus and time
purchase orders that match sell-through rates - we protect your budget
Team and employees get to focus on their specialty, i.e. GM or Inventory Manager causing less burnout and happier employees
Stock-outs reduce by 80-90% putting thousands back into the revenue stream
Use promotions to drive higher revenues, new customers, and bigger basket size
Improve your vendor pricing, directly impacting your margins & retail pricing